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Malaysia My Second Home Program is the Top Three Best Migration Program in the World

In 2013, Malaysia My Second Home Program is the top three best migration program in the world making Malaysia is a place for everyone ! A perfect place for everyone who like to enjoy peaceful living and providing another place of chance for your growth in wealth !
Affordable for everyone to obtain a long term residency visa in Malaysia in Only MYR 300,00 (aged below 50) or MYR 150,000 (aged above 50) investment needed ! 100% risk free, all investment are in your personal name.
Truly as unique as they say.... Why Malaysia My Second Home is so Special ?
  • It offers a straight 10-years' residency visa in Malaysia with renewals available for an indefinite period of time, as long as aspirants do not violate Malaysia's laws.
  • In addition, there is no minimum stay requirement throughout the 10 years' period to fulfill the renewal conditions.
  • This program is also easy and convenient to apply for with fast approval, often within 60 days! Moreover, the participants need not to be present in Malaysia during the application.
  • There is no investment requirement for the pensioner group of aged 50 and above. They only need to proof of a monthly pension of MYR 10,000, without any Fixed Deposit investment to join MM2H program.
  • For those who intend to apply under the Fixed Deposit categories, it is very low and affordable fixed deposit investment (MYR 150,000 or MYR 300,000) needed for Businessmen or Investors. These FD deposit is to be placed only after your MM2H approval is obtained, and you are given 6 months time to do so. This is much cheaper than the Australian, Canadian, USA, New Zealand investment immigration programs and You enjoy international environment with Muslim culture shield.
  • Although the Fixed Deposits under MM2H program is locked, but deposits are placed in your personal name, which means you are entirely in control of your money. All interest earned (tax free) will be credited to your account.
  • At any time, you can terminate the MM2H program ! The termination process only takes about 5 working days, and upon presenting the termination approval, the bank will release your fixed deposits back to you on the spot !
  • There are many other migration programs (i.e. Canada, USA or Australia) that may require you to invest in business or government funds, etc. where there is risk involved. MM2H program is 100% risk free !
  • This pass allows you and your family to stay anywhere in Malaysia. It comes with Multiple-Entry Visa, which makes it convenient for you and your family to travel in and out of the country as much as you or they can.
  • An even more attractive point.... MM2H participants are allowed to purchase an unlimited number of properties!
  • All MM2H visa holders can invest in businesses and 100% owned by you and your family. Moreover, you can invest in any franchise business in Malaysia on your profile as well as the property profile. You can also enjoy low bank interest rates, same as Malaysians ie 4.2% to 4.5% per annum only !
  • For those above aged 50, you can seek employment in some critical sectors (i.e. Education, Bio-Tech and Medical) for no more than 20 hours per week. 20 hours would mean about 3 days in week !
  • You an your family can bring your maid from your country !
  • Under MM2H program, all off-shore incomes or fund remitted into Malaysia is non-taxable. Every cent brought in, will be able to be taken out and remitted out of the country without any hassle.
  • With the MM2H visa, you can also have the option to bring in your parents (aged above 60) to join you with the unlimited renewal of a 6 months visa as long as you are in the program. Application is straight forward without any income proof and further MM2H fixed deposits to be pledged.
  • You and your family can also enjoy freedom to invest and participate in the local shares/derivatives markets without any hindrance. There is no tax on gain from these investments.
  • With the MM2H residency, you can apply your Entry Visa to another country in their respective Embassy / Consulates in Malaysia, most applications will be treated of same processing time as the Malaysians.
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Australia's Migration Trends 2011-2012

According to the 2011 Census of Population and Housing, almost half of Australia’s population people were either born overseas or had a migrant parent.

Migration continues to be the major component of population growth in Australia. Between June 1996 and June 2011, Australia’s overseas-born population grew by
41.6 per cent to 6.0 million people.

In 2011–12, the Migration Program delivered 184 998 places, 125 755 of these places went to Skill Stream migrants. The Family Stream outcome for 2011–12 was 58 604 places, a 7.4 per cent increase on the 2010–11 level of 54 543.

India, the People’s Republic of China and the United Kingdom were the top three source countries for the Migration Program visa places, comprising 43.1 per cent of the total places in 2011–12.

Table 2: Main source countries of Australia’s Migration Program
Country of Citizenship
Migration Program visa places 2011–12
29 018
People’s Republic of China
25 509
United Kingdom
25 274
12 933
South Africa
7 640
Other countries
84 624
184 998
Source data: Migration Programme Management System (MPMS) and Immigration Management Information Reporting System (IMIRS), DIAC

The planning level for the 2012–13 Migration Program is 190 00 places. This is an increase of 5000 places from 2011–12 and the highest figure on record for Australia. Of the additional 5000 places, there are 3400 Skill Stream places, 1585 Family Stream places and
15 more places planned for Special Eligibility.

Australia has one of the highest citizenship rates in the world, with approximately 8-in-10 eligible migrants acquiring citizenship. In 2011–12, 84 183 people were conferred as Australian citizens, a decrease of 11.6 per cent compared to the previous year (95 284 conferrals).

The United Kingdom remained the largest provider of new citizens to Australia (16 401 conferrals), yet now is more closely followed by India and the People’s Republic of China with 10 076 and 6876 conferrals respectively.