Thursday, March 19, 2015

Adelaide - Australia, A Safe & Welcoming Place

Adelaide prides itself as a family friendly city and has been recently rated Australia's safest city, with a lowest crime rate than any other capital city according to the 2013 Suncorp Bank Family Friendly City Report.
There are numerous programs like Safer Communities Australia and Neighbourhood Watch, which encourages people to take positive steps in their neighbourhood to prevent themselves and neighbours from victims of crime.

Whilst Adelaide offers the same lifestyle and opportunities as other cities in Australia, South Australia is a place where you can afford to do more.

According to the National Centre for Social Economic Modelling, 2013 Household Budget Report, Adelaide is ranked as having the lowest cost of living of all Australian capital cities. Statistics suggest it costs 24% more to live in Sydney, 21% more to live in Melbourne, and 9% more to live in Brisbane and Perth.
More than two-thirds of the people who live here own, or are buying their homes. The median price of houses sold in Adelaide (Australian Property Monitors, March 2014) was AUD$450,444, compared with AUD$604,110 in Melbourne and AUD$782,973 in Sydney.
Regional house prices in South Australia are even less than those of Adelaide.
Most homes are detached houses on separate allotments ranging in style from historic villas and cottages to modern homes. Most have three or more bedrooms.
Potential homebuyers have access to the unique South Australian Government home loan scheme called HomeStart Finance. This offers a variety of products and services with great features such as low entry costs and even low or no deposit loans. People with a degree or diploma can also take advantage of HomeStart's Graduate Loan. First home buyers may be eligible for a government First Home Owner Grant.
Private rental of houses and apartments is also affordable, with average rents of AUD$420 per week – lower than most other Australian states

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Friday, February 20, 2015

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