Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Migrate Australia as Travel Agency Manager !!

Moving to New Zealand

Looking to live a more balanced lifestyle somewhere safe and secure in one of the cleanest and most beautiful countries on earth?

Why not register with us to Migrate New Zealand. It’s a good time to be considering a move, especially if you have in demand skills.

Moving to New Zealand :

Of course it’s a big decision. So, many people considering moving to New Zealand start by taking a holiday here. It’s a great opportunity to get in touch with some prospective employers and check out parts of the country you think you might like to live.

Preparation is the key to avoiding surprise and getting your new life off to a flying start.

Get a career. And a life:

Working hard and getting ahead is considered a virtue in New Zealand. You’ll find New Zealand is a well-developed, connected country and it can offer all sorts lots of opportunities to advance and broaden your career.

But, just as important to New Zealanders, is life away from the job. Good living in New Zealand is about balancing an honest day’s work with social fun, time at home with your family and taking advantage of all the recreational opportunities you can enjoy here.
You’ll find the pace of life here is less stressed. And there are all sorts of opportunities to get outdoors and be as physical as you want – from lazing on an uncrowded beach to getting close to nature in the bush or hooping it down a mountain bike track. Enjoying the outdoors isn't just a rural privilege - you can experience this lifestyle while living in our cities too.

There’s a lively arts scene with heaps going on in music, theatre, film and comedy. And you get a good dose of annual leave plus public holidays so there’s plenty of time to enjoy all the great things New Zealand has to offer.

You also get to choose the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of – whether it’s a modern apartment in a lively urban environment, a home with a garden and room for the kids to play, somewhere by the seaside or maybe a rural retreat. You’ll enjoy the food and wine here, and you certainly won’t miss those big commutes.

Superior Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. provides you legal assistance to prepare your application for New Zealand Skilled Migration. We serve our client from the day he enters our office till the day he Migrate to New Zealand.

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New Zealand - A Good Move for the Whole Family !!

If you have a family to consider, the idea of moving to a new country gets a whole lot more complicated. But be assured, New Zealand is a great place to bring up children.

It’s why so many Kiwis who have lived overseas return home when it’s time to start a family. They know that children here enjoy many things other countries just can’t offer.

With flexibility to choose the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and the support of excellent public services, it’s surprisingly easy to give your family those advantages too.

Great lifestyle and services :

New Zealand has every style of living you could want – from suburban homes with room for kids to run around in, to places by the seaside or out in the country where there’s room for animals too.

Families enjoy the support of a great range of public services. They include developed transport connections that make getting about easy and access to welfare if someone has an accident or if either parent can’t work because of sickness or unemployment.

New Zealand have an education system that leads the world. Healthcare too is strong – it’s affordable, and getting seen by a doctor is usually easy.

New Zealand is a good move for families. Make Your Move Now !

Migrate New Zealand through Skilled Migrant Program.

Contact us for Evaluation and to know further about New Zealand Immigraiton Program.


Migrate New Zealand - Great Job Opportunities !!

There are many openings for specialists in industries such as medicine, engineering and IT. But there are also opportunities to contribute more generalist skills.

It’s impossible to cover the full range of job opportunities in New Zealand here. The best place to go for more comprehensive information and further links is Careers New Zealand.
There are 11 key areas of work where skills are very definitely needed:
  • Healthcare
  • Health technology
  • Information technology
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Oil and gas
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Finance and business
  • Skill shortage lists
Some skills are in chronically short supply, and Immigration New Zealand has lists of skill shortages.

If your profession appears on a skill shortage list and you have the qualifications and experience to match, getting a work and residence visa will be easier. This is because the Government has identified that employers need to recruit people from overseas to help meet demand for your skills.

Balance business with pleasure:

Imagine a place where you can work to the highest professional standards, then in half an hour or less be relaxing on a beach, hiking through beautiful native bush, pounding down a mountain bike track or just chilling with friends in your back garden over a fine New Zealand wine.
That’s what you can look forward to when you bring your skills to New Zealand.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Australia Extends Tourist Visas for Parents of its Citizens

The Gillard Government will relax tourist visa rules for parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents so that they can visit their family in Australia for longer, according to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen MP.

"I know that many people are patiently waiting in the queue for a parent visa so we want to provide more generous tourist visas to enable regular extended family visits," Mr Bowen said.

The Minister also said that the government would grant five-year tourist visas with a 12-month stay on each entry to suitable applicants who had applied for an Australian parent visa outside the country.
"The government will also consider tourist visas of up to three years with a 12-month stay on each entry for people not currently in the parent visa queue," added Mr Bowen.

These changes will take effect by the end of 2012 and recognise the valuable role parents play in assisting their children and grandchildren in Australia and the social benefits such visits provide.

The government will consider granting tourist visa on a case-by-case basis and will allow parents to spend more time staying in Australia with their families while they wait for a parent visa.
"To be granted a tourist visa, applicants must meet Australia's health and character requirements, have access to adequate funds, have health insurance to cover any healthcare costs during their stay, and intend a genuine visit to Australia," the Minister said.

However, Australian tourist visa holders will be limited from further applications for visas while they are in Australia and they will be expected to spend some time outside Australia between visits to their families.