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UK Immigrattion !

Australian Immigration !

Australian Citizenship Requirements !

If you obtain your permanent residence after 1 July 2007, you will need to meet the following requirements to become an Australian citizen:

You have lived lawfully in Australia for at least 4 years; and
You have lived in Australia for at least 12 months as a permanent resident
Note that if you have spent more than 12 months in the last 4 years outside Australia or 3 months in the last 12 outside Australia, you will no longer meet the residence requirements for citizenship.

It is also important to realise that only 12 months of residence as a permannent resident is required. As a result, you can count up to 3 years of residence in Australia as a temporary residence towards the citizenship requriements. For example, if you have spent several years in Australia on a student or 457 visa, this can be counted towards the 4 year residence requirement.

Note that you do not automatically qualify for Australian citizenship in this way, you must make an application for citizenship.

Permanent Residents - Prior to 1 July 2007
If you obtained your permanent residence prior to 1 July 2007, then you can apply for Australian citizenship if:

You have lived in Australia as a permanent resident for at least 2 of the last 5 years; AND
You have lived in Australia as a permanent resident for at least 12 of the last 24 months
This means that you must in most cases be a permanent resident living in Australia for at least 2 years before applying for citizenship under this pathway.

This pathway will be open until 1 July 2010 - if you apply for citizenship after this date, you will be assessed under the new Citizenship Act 2007.

Most Popular Australian Immigration Destinations

Recently the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia announced that the most popular immigration destinations in Australia for the period 2008 to 2009 are New South Wales and Victoria.

Australian Immigration figures for skilled immigration show the following:

•In the period 2008-08 69 456 skilled migrants came to Australia.

•55 per cent of skilled immigrants moved to New South Wales and Victoria.

•19 071 immigrants settled in New South Wales and 18 630 immigrants settled in Victoria.

Major Immigration Source Countries were the following:

This includes figures for skilled, family and humanitarian immigration

•By birth the greatest immigration source Countries are New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Almost 30 per cent of the 158 021 new immigrants in 2008-09 came from these two Countries.

•Indian immigration went up from 15 338 to 17,283.

•Chinese immigration went up from 12,959 to 15,803.

•South African immigration went up from 5166 to 7201.

Australia remained a popular immigration destination during the economic downturn. Australia did relatively well compared to many Countries during the period 2008-09. Levels of unemployment continue to go down as more and more jobs are created in Australia

Australia Second Best Country to Live in...

Earlier this month the UN ranked Australia as second in the World for quality of life. Norway is ranked number one at the moment. Australia could very well end up as number one for quality of life in next year's report. In Australia over a period of a year life expectancy went up three months and income rose four percent.

The United Nations Development Program's Human Development Report 2009 for the period 2007/2008 covered the following in 182 Countries:

•Life Expectancy
•School Enrolments
The US went down one place to 13 and the UK stayed at number 21. Niger was the lowest followed by Afghanistan and Sierra Leone. Most of the top ten Countries in the report are in Europe:

•The Netherlands
According to the report "Most migration, internal and international, reaps gains in the form of higher incomes, better access to education and health and improved prospects for their children,".

"Migrants boost economic output at little or no cost to locals. Indeed there may be broader positive effects," it said.

"Migrants who are marginalised - due, for example, to temporary or irregular status or high levels of unemployment - may resort to antisocial or criminal behaviour, confirming the security fears of locals," the report said.

Dr Klugman the author of the report had the following to say about migration "It's not something to be feared or which is growing out of control."

Out of the fifty-two Countries surveyed attitudes towards migration were generally positive. In fact there is competition in developed Countries for skilled migrants.

Dr Klugman said: "There's competition at the top end where countries like Australia do well relative to some countries in Europe which have had difficulties in attracting skilled people."

Dr Klugman also went on to say that more should be done to allow entry of lower skilled migrants:

"The need for low-skilled people is just as significant. There are very large parts of the economy that require the services of people in childcare, aged care and a whole range of services

Living Standard of Australia !

Australia has one of the highest standards of living in the world. Australia offers a superb climate, a unique and beautiful environment, and a well developed society.

Australia has the third lowest cost of living in the major developed world, behind only USA and New Zealand.

Five of Australia’s mainland capital cities have been ranked in the top eleven liveable cities in the world.

Australia’s lifestyle attracts people from all over the world. The country’s quality of life was judged the best in the Asia-Pacific region by the 2007 World Competitiveness Yearbook.

The Quality of Living Survey 2006 from Mercer Human Resource Consulting placed Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane among the top 35 cities in the world in which to live. Which ranked them ahead of London, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo and New York.

Australia’s human development index (HDI) is the third best in the world, behind only Norway and Ireland. Australia’s life expectancy (81 years) has been judged third highest in the world behind Japan and Hong Kong.

Australian’s love to eat out, a typical restaurant meal will be around $60 per head. With an entree or starter at around $9-15 and a main course $30-$40.

Top 5 Reasons to Live in Australia !

Australia is fast becoming a preferred destination for immigrants in terms of its great lifestyle and excellent career opportunities. Due to its booming economy, getting jobs in Australia whether skilled or professional has made easier and the chances of being employed becomes higher and better. Currently, there are over thousands of employment opportunities are awaiting for qualified workers. But before one could land down under to start their new life and career, he must secure first an Australian Visa as a legal document for his immigration to Australia.

Australia offers an excellent quality of life to be enjoyed. With its high standard of living, pleasant climate, outstanding cities with awesome attractions, safe and multicultural environment with friendly and easy-going residents, stable economy and great culture. What else can you ask for? All of the best things that you consider for a country to live and work, Australia has it. And to give you some detailed information why most immigrants prefer to receive the benefits of Australian living, here are some of the top reasons.

Affordable Cost of Living:

Compared to other developed countries, Australia is a better place for immigrants to live in because of its affordable cost of living most especially if you have a child who wants to study in any of its reputable universities and colleges.

Shortage of Skilled Workers:

If you are seeking for a wide-range of employment opportunities, Australia offers it. With its continuously growing economy, they are needing for more skilled and professional workers who can help bring valuable benefits to its economy.

English-Speaking Country:

Adopting yourself in the culture and environment of Australia is not difficult. Australia is an English-Speaking country in which most Australians virtually speak English languange. For this reason, communicating and relating to them would not be hard for you.

Excellent Career Opportunities:

Having an Australian qualification, excellent career opportunities are countless. With over thousands of available jobs in Australia, starting your new career down under is within your reach.

High Pay Rates:

Employees in Australia whether they are skilled or professional are given excellent pay rates. This is one the best reasons why a remarkable number of overseas workers most especially for those who need to support their family consider migrating and working in Australia. And what's more? Employers also give merit to those who work extra effort in their jobs. Aside from these competitive salaries, workers also receive valuable benefits such as health care, sick and vacation leaves and other company's incentives.

Immigration to Australia - Apply Now !

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Prepare and lodge your visa application to Australia with the assistance of a qualified and authorized representative of approved Migration Agent.

Criteria for Skilled Independent Worker Category under sub-class 175 :

To be eligible for migration under the Skilled Visa Program, you must be qualified in a profession or trade occupation which appears on the Australian's Government’s Skilled Occupations List. By May 2010, Australian Government taking measures to develop new points system as well as they preparing to launch new skilled occupations list. On 8th Febuary, DIAC revoked Migration Occupation Demand List ( MODL) and uptil now there is no additional points shall be awarded if someone applies after 8th Feb 2010. More Stingent Language requiest has to be fulfilled or aspirants should apply under 176 visa class for less points.

You must also be under 45 years of age, have good English ability and, in most cases, recent work experience.

Applicants are generally assessed against a Points Test (120pts) which incorporates the basic selection criteria as well as other factors for which you can obtain additional or bonus points towards your final score. To be successful, you must achieve the pass mark i.e. 120 points.

Regional Skilled Sponsor Category under sub-class 176 & 475:

If someone could not score or obtain 120 points, he may then apply under skilled sponsor and regional category. Australia regions also invite applications as per their skill shortage. To be eligible for skilled sponsor or regional category, you need to score only 100 points. However, you will have to meet certain conditions such as live and work for 2 years in nominated region.

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New UK Immigration Policy - HSMP Tier 1

One of the most popular UK immigration categories is the Highly Skilled Migrant Program, or what is often referred to as an HSMP visa. It is designed for high achievers (in any field) and young professionals with good potential.

The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) was introduced in January of 2002. It enabled skilled and experienced workers from overseas to obtain entry to the United Kingdom, with a route to settlement in the UK. After 6 successful years, the HSMP system has been replaced with Tier 1 (General) Highly Skilled Visas. The changes were phased in during 2008.

Tier 1 (General) is very similar to the previous HSMP. One notable exception is the removal of the MBA provision which allowed those with MBAs from a list of specific universities automatic qualification. English language requirements are also more stringent under the new HSMP replacement visa, along with maintenance requirements (savings/funds).

Applying for the first tier visa service is an applicant led process and works on a similar premise to the Highly Skilled Migrant Program as it removes the need to apply for a UK work permit visa and affords successful candidates the right to immigrate to the UK with full and free access to the employment market. Holders of tier visas at this level are permitted to live and work in the UK, seek and undertake employment, set up a business or become self employed as they see fit. From 30th April 2009, UK BA had taken measures to tightened Tier 1 criteria and for which the set education criteria equivalent to UK Master Degree. This changes affected 98% highly qualified Pakistani professionals as our Master Degree normally not equivalent to UK Master Degree.

UK BA has now announced to change their policy from 6th of April 2010. Education criteria will again come down to Bachelor Degree and Age points shall also be relaxed till 39 years. In addition, Education factor no more will be mandatory, if you have earned above 150,000 UK pounds equivalent Band then you may be able to score 75 points directly. The HSMP Tier 1 Visa is a points-based immigration scheme. Points are scored in four main areas:

•Educational qualifications
•Past 12 months gross earnings within a 15 month period prior to application
•Your age
•Age points from under 29 years to 39 years.
•Bonus 5 points may be scored if your earnings or educational qualifications were acquired in the UK.
•Language and Maintenance Funds.
You need to score 75 points in attributes and 10, 10 points for English and Maintenance Funds respectively to qualify as a Tier 1 migrant and obtain the visa. It is particularly important that you identify which criteria you are able to claim before making an application, to avoid unnecessary delay and expensive failure.

Initially the Tier 1 visa will be granted for a period of Two years instead of Three years as before. After the initial Two years people on the scheme can apply to stay longer but must re-apply and meet the pass mark of 75 points in attributes and 20 points for language and funds.. The visa will then be extended for a further three years. On completion of the total five years you can also make an application for indefinite leave to remain (permanent residency). Again as requirements stand at present, 12 months after obtaining Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, you may be eligible to apply for naturalization and to acquire a British passport.

Dependants (partner and children under 18) can be included in your application.

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