Sunday, August 28, 2011

Does Your Application Needs Representation or Consultant?

It is being noted that most of innocent or well informed professionals presume that Hong Kong Immigration under QMAS is quite simple and as such there is no Immigration Fee. Let me clearly inform all of you that Hong Kong is a small but High-tech country and they are only looking for Quality (Highly Skilled) Migrants and for this, they have allocated monthly and quarterly quota of in-principle approvals. You may review 19th Selection Exercise (May 2011), available on HK Official Immigration website and on our website too, in which only 75 aspirants got approvals from all over the world. On the contrary, it seems very simple and easy to make 80 points and almost every individual can make 80 points but not every individual gets approval. The selection criteria mainly based on best of the best applications presented in a Superior way and prepared meticulously.

Since we are Pioneer and Introducer of Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, we have experience in handling and presenting Highly Skilled applications. We do not take up and represent Every Tom, Dick and Herry Cases, which makes us Superior and successful among other consultants. We have experienced that Hong Kong Immigration authority is quite stringent in their selection criteria and this is the main reason they are not willing to impose any fee because they are well aware that only Highly Skilled can get approval. Unlike UK HSMP, many unskilled or skilled people went on Highly Skilled program by making fabrication and false claims. Hong Kong Immigration authority refines people and obtains Quality applicants and scrutinizes them with their selection interviews.

Our Professional Team can help you by:

• Using our experience to lead you through the application process – we simplify the process and prepare the paper work for you.

• Gathering all the vital information about your application at the beginning - we know what questions to ask you to get the information needed for a successful application.

• Identifying problems or weaknesses in your application at the beginning - this saves time and money and frustration later.

• Developing the best strategy for your application - we build the strongest case based on your circumstances and needs.

• Directly dealing with Hong Kong Immigration Authority on your behalf.

• We respect your confidentiality and maintaining professional ethical standards

We strongly advise those who are willing or planning to apply for Hong Kong immigration that they should consider those experts who can represent their applications and make them successful with their Superior Presentation, Advises and Guidelines to make their case Best of the Best among Hundreds of Applicants through out the world.

Contact us for further details of Hong Kong Quality Migrant Scheme and Evaluation of your chances of Success.

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